Anlin Pet Doors

Give your pet the freedom it deserves!

Looking for a seamless solution for granting your furry friends the freedom to come and go while maintaining the integrity of your doors? Our Anlin Pet Doors redefine convenience and security, providing an easy access point for your pets without the worry of scratches or chew marks on your doors.

In-Glass Pet Doors

Enhance your Malibu sliding patio doors and swinging French doors with the integration of Anlin in-glass pet doors. Designed with a heavy-duty frame and a durable flap featuring a magnetic seal and weatherstrip, these pet doors seamlessly blend into the lower corner of your doors, whether movable or stationary. The slim design ensures that your sliding patio doors can be fully opened, even when the pet door’s closure panel is inserted and latched.

Anlin Pet Door

Freedom for You and Your Pets

Anlin Pet Doors offer unparalleled freedom for both you and your pets. No more playing doorman every time your pets want in or out—they can come and go at their leisure, providing relief for your floors and contributing to their health and happiness. Say goodbye to scratched doors and welcome a new era of convenience with Anlin Pet Doors from CGH Solutions®. Pet doors are available on both French doors and sliding patio doors of all sizes and styles!

Pet Door Size Chart

Find the right size pet door for your furry friend!
Pet Door Size Chart
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