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HVAC Systems

When it comes to regulating the ideal climate of your home, our central air system is usually the most important component not only for the ideal temperature you want in your home but also for the quality of air your family breathes.

For many owners, heating and cooling costs can account for up to 40% of monthly electricity costs. Fortunately, at CGH Solutions® we can help you replace your old unit with a new one that suits your family’s needs

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Maintain your comfort and health while saving money

With a modern and efficient system, you could radically improve the air quality and comfort of your family with constant savings throughout the year. In fact, you could be wasting thousands of dollars with that old and obsolete system.


Our high performance condenser is the fan unit located outside the house, extremely quiet that provides a constant flow of air throughout the year.

Gas ovens integrated in the attic

It is used to connect and regulate the system together with the capacitor. These integrated systems are the most economical option for most modern homes with central heating and air conditioning with extended manufacturer warranty for up to 35 years.

Keep your home comfortable all year round!

Heating and air conditioning does not have to be synonymous with high energy costs. While reports that 56% of energy use in the United States stems from heating and energy use, there are plenty of alternatives that can help lower monthly costs. CGH Solutions® is prepared, we offer you: air conditioner, heating, duct work, insulation, air duct sealing, proper ventilation.