Benefits of Brightening Your Home With New Windows

While we all love those days when we can draw the curtains and hide behind our man-made hideout, aka our rooms, we can’t disregard the fact that nothing beats the sun and its excellent benefits. With the right set of windows, you can get all the natural lighting in your home and experience all the amazing benefits that come with increased sun exposure. In our latest blog, we go over the benefits of brightening your home with new windows.

Increase your Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain known as the “happy hormone,” which is crucial in regulating the body’s digestion process, breathing, blood flow, and overall sense of happiness and well-being. Getting a healthy dosage of sunlight throughout the day can help increase the production of serotonin in our bodies and, in turn, allow us to receive the benefits that come with an elevated level of serotonin. Getting new windows will facilitate the production of serotonin and let you to do so from the comfort of your home.

Reduce Anxiety & Depression

As mentioned, getting more sunlight helps increase the production of serotonin in our bodies. And because of this, those who get more sunlight have been reported to having a decreased level of anxiety and depression. If you spend a lot of time at home, getting more windows is a great solution to increasing your exposure to the sun. Kick your anxiety and depression out and let in all the light with some new windows.

Allow for Better Sleep

Sun exposure can help regulate our body’s internal clock, known as our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is responsible for our sleep and hunger schedule, among other bodily processes. Getting more sun during the day alerts our bodies to maintain wakefulness when the sun’s out and tire out once the sun sets. In other words, getting more sun trains your body to be awake during the day and sleep better at night. Having quality and ample windows throughout your home will allow you to get the sunlight you need for this to occur.

Boost Immune System

It’s been well documented over the years that the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient responsible in aiding a wide variety of bodily functions. It offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help boost our immune system, improve muscle function and brain cell activity. While increased sun exposure has many benefits, many steer clear due to fear of UV ray exposure. Thankfully, with new and modern windows, you can get all the light into your home without the harmful rays.

Brighten Your Home with New Windows

Experience the benefits of the sun by installing new windows in your home. Having quality windows will allow you to let the sun in and effectively allow you to increase your serotonin levels, reduce anxiety and depression, get better sleep, and boost your immune system. If you’re looking for quality windows and expert installers in southern California, CGH Solutions® is here for you! Contact us today by calling (844) 200-6244 or clicking here!