Energy Efficient Window Replacement Ideas in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a bit different than, say, New York in both landscape and temperature range. If you are considering installing replacement windows in Los Angeles, CA, you will have different requirements than a homeowner in other states. How can you find the efficiency you need in your replacement windows specific to the Southern California climate? Below are three window replacement ideas to help you get just what you want for your project:

Watch For the Energy Star Labels on the Replacement Windows

One of your first steps toward window efficiency is watching the labels on the windows you consider. Before you look at the details on the label (which you will also want to do with care), make sure there is an Energy Star Certification sticker on the window. That means that the replacement windows you are considering meet certain requirements for energy efficiency in this particular region. Windows in other states have to meet different criteria because those areas are so different from Los Angeles, CA. Rest assured that when you see that Energy Star label, it’s good for right there around you. You can then compare window labels from there, but avoid any windows without an Energy Star stamp of approval.

Go For Multiple Layers or Low-E Coatings

There are a lot of different upgrades you could get on your windows for energy efficiency, but in Los Angeles, the 3 Layers of energy-efficient Low-E coating is one of the best options. The heat of the Los Angeles sun can be brutal during certain seasons, and going inside your home should offer you a nice break from that heat. The low-E coating is a thin, metallic, invisible coat that blocks the heat of the sun from getting into your home. The heat bounces back outside, where it belongs, and the UV rays are kept out as well, so there are no more fading items in your home. The low-E coatings are great because while they keep the heat out, you can keep your window coverings open and still let in the natural light without worrying about rising temperatures.

Dual Pane Replacement Windows

There can be 284 sunny days in a year in Los Angeles, CA, but when it rains, it pours. We also get plenty of windy days from August to November when Santa Ana winds arrive, so get dual pane windows to help combat those things. Not only does the extra pane insulate your house further and protect you against energy leaks, but it also helps to block out noise.

When it is time for new energy-efficient replacement windows in Los Angeles, CA, contact the local professionals right here in LA at CGH Solutions®. Call us to talk over the details of your project or set up a free consultation too, if you’d like, at (844) 200-6244. We’re here to assist you and guide you with the process every step of the way.