Important Aspects of a Legal ADU

There are important factors that you must take into consideration when it comes down to having a legal ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). It’s safe to say that knowing these key aspects not only keeps you informed, also you will save time and money without having the worry of possibly needing to rebuild. It’s important to note that if you decide to invest your hard working money into an ADU Project always make sure you do it the right way the first time, legally building an ADU will avoid you future complications and headaches!

Concepts to follow when building a legal ADU, according to the code

  1. Local zoning

  2. Footing

  3. Size of unit (sqft)

  4. Height of unit

  5. Plans and permits

Junior ADU (JADU)

A JADU or also known as a Junior ADU is a small living unit that’s within the existing family house.

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  • Unit can’t be no more than 500 sqft.

  • Could include separate sanitation facilities, or may share the utilities with the main house structure.

  • Existent within a single family-residence.

  • Required fully-functional kitchen.

  • No bathroom required, can share bathroom with main house.

  • Own separate entrance/exit required.

  • Owner occupancy requirement.

Please keep in mind that the regulations and rules may change according to the city or county. A selection of different Junior ADU regulations are being enforced around the state.

ADU: Attached / Detached

An attached ADU is an additional living unit added to the main house, usually to the side or in the back of the house structure. A detached ADU is a separate unit by itself within the property of the main house, most commonly seen in the backyard.

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  • If you have an unoccupied garage, you can convert that space into an ADU.

  • An attached ADU must be 50% square feet of the main house.

  • A detached ADU can be up to 1200 sqft.

  • Required kitchen.

  • Required bathroom.

  • At least 1 bedroom.

  • Its own separate address.

  • Its own electrical panel, possibly upgrade main house panel amperage.

  • Connection within the sewer+water line to the Unit.

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It is recommended that you do your own research to have an understanding about these kind of ADU projects, so that you will already have some knowledge when it comes time to talk to a professional in the field. You want to first be informed before taking action, feeling confident about your decision is what matters the most. With great pleasure, CGH Solutions® will answer all your questions and assist you in any way we can. Don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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