Tex-Cote® CoolWall®

Tex-Cote® CoolWall® is a revolutionary coating system that protects your home from ultraviolet rays, solar radiation and water while allowing your walls to breathe and keeping the paint fresh avoiding the constant repainting.

Do not waste your money painting your house every 5 years, use Tex-Cote® Coolwall®  with kynar, similar to the teflon that allows your walls to stay clean and free of adhesions.

Why should I change my conventional paint for

Work and Materials guaranteed for life and transferable to a second owner.
Energy efficient coating that reduces the temperature of your home up to 40 degrees in hot season.
It is a class “A” fire retardant, which provides maximum safety in case of fire.
Available in a wide range of colors, for stucco and wood.

How does Coolwall® work?

  • It is an exterior cladding system that uses the same thermal reflection technology used by military vehicles to reduce the “heat signature” (absorbed solar heat). Like a military vehicle, your home also absorbs heat from the sun. But unlike the army, the enemy of your home is not or army, it is the rising cost in electricity expenses.

  • CoolWall® has been specially formulated to reflect the heat of the sun by changing the invisible part of the light spectrum, reflecting the heat without changing color.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words: this infrared photograph shows the real absorption of heat in the house. Infrared technology demonstrates that TEX • COTE cooling walls can reduce wall temperatures up to about 40º compared to traditional paint of the same color

Regular paint is composed of 80% water. The Big Box stores, including those that sell the painting, use only TEX • COTE® as exterior coating