Signs It's Time for a Window Upgrade

If you are already doing upgrades on your home, consider a window upgrade as well. Windows are an important part of any home because they provide a clear view and fresh air, add character, make your home stand out from the crowd, open up space, and provide light and freshness that other elements in a room cannot replicate. We often overlook the functionality of our windows, but your windows might need an upgrade. Our latest article will discuss the signs it’s time for a window upgrade to improve your home’s look and efficiency.

How to Know It’s Time for a Window Upgrade

You might be surprised at just how big an effect windows have on your home. Damaged, outdated, and less useful windows can have a negative impact on your home and how it looks. It also makes it harder to use and enjoy your windows fully. Doing a window upgrade can be just what your home needs. Several signs indicate it may be time for a window upgrade. Here are a few:

1. Poor Insulation 

Poor insulation happens due to standard wear and tear, being exposed to the elements, and being used regularly. Poorly insulated windows are less energy efficient because they let the cold in during winter and the heat during summer. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can affect how much it costs to keep your home at a stable temperature.

Poor insulation can even result in more outside noise leaking into your home, which can become unpleasant and distracting depending on the windows’ location. Poor insulation also leads to drafts, which can cause your energy bills to increase as your heating and cooling systems work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Difficulty Opening and Closing 

If your windows are difficult to open and close, it could be a sign that they are old and worn out. When you can’t open or close your windows, ventilating your home becomes difficult. Operating issues can also make it harder to lock your windows, making them a safety hazard. General debris or grime is usually the culprit of your windows getting stuck because we do not clean them as often as we should. It’s time to consider an upgrade when they become difficult to open and close.

3. Window Damage

You should consider upgrading your windows if you see visible damage, such as cracks or broken or rotting frames. A damaged window can compromise your home’s security and allow pests to enter. Damaged windows that let water inside can also lead to mold, which no one wants to have in their home. No matter the extent of the damage, the window should be replaced as soon as possible to stop the damage from spreading.

Signs It's Time for a Window Upgrade

4. Obscured Views

Your windows have lost their purpose if you can no longer look out of them easily. Obscured views through your windows can happen from prolonged water damage, water stains, and condensation that was never addressed. Windows can even become permanently foggy if they are old and worn down. Not cleaning them regularly can also affect the view and become a permanent issue. Updating your windows will provide a better view.

5. Outdated Windows 

Outdated windows are less visually appealing and can lower your home’s value. They do not operate as well and can be less energy efficient because older windows tend to provide less insulation because their glass is thinner with less protection. By updating these windows, you might save on your future heating and cooling bills.

Update your Windows with CGH Solutions®!

Windows are an important part of any home, so you should consider the benefits of replacing your windows. This small upgrade can give your home a new look that brightens and makes it more modern. For more information on updating your windows and the best options available, contact CGH Solutions®. Call (844) 200-6244, or click here to get a FREE quote!