Window Replacements in Southern California

Window & Patio Door Installation in Orange, CA 92869

While CGH Solutions® provide a wide array of home improvement services, one of our top-rated and frequently requested services are window replacements. With the temperatures in Southern California often reaching over 100* in the summer, there’s no question why window replacements in the region are common. For this home, homeowner Paul, wanted to get ahead of the heat wave and replace the old windows in his home. Old windows are a big problem, they let out cool air in the summer, causing HVAC systems to go on overdrive. Overrun HVAC systems do little to actually maintain comfortable indoor temperature and often come with a high-price tag. Maintain a comfortable home and cut down your energy costs this summer with one of our heat-reflective window products. Connect with one of our team members to learn more or to get started. Contact us by calling (323) 859-6634 or by clicking here!